Boutique SEMIS

Paris, France

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Retail, Interieur, Scénographie, Rénovation
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2016 - 2017 Livré
Paris, France
Boutique Semis

80 m²
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A counter allows hikers a chance to lean and admire their first impression of the striking Langer Sattel and Frau Hitt peaks. The wooden platforms surrounding the gentle elevation of the so-called “Big Stone” on various levels make it a popular resting spot. At a slightly higher elevation, stepped wooden platforms form an amphitheater. 
Each of the ten elements are shaped from Corten steel, a material choice that was inspired by the context and prior interventions. "Perspektivenweg" adapts the existing technical structures of Nordkette’s avalanche barriers, which are made of the same weathered steel. Larch wood, typical for the local forests, forms its seating and reclining platforms.